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Protect yourself against compliance risks with the BME Code of Conduct!

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About BME-Compliance Initiative

The complexity of compliance requirements for companies and their supply chain is increasing. Not only medium-sized companies have been facing new challenges in their function as suppliers.


The Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME) has created a cross-industry Code of Conduct to protect companies against compliance risks in the supply chain. This code of conduct can be easily, quickly and cost-effectively recognized by suppliers and partners.


The BME Code of Conduct offers member companies and their suppliers an international and cross-industry minimum standard that provides a certain basic level of protection for members, companies and your partners at home and abroad.


The BME Compliance Initiative offers companies clear advantages both in the area of external presentation as well as international and national business relations.


The BME Code of Conduct is suitable for companies with (and without) their own code of conduct as well as for general protection of supplier relationships, as the cross-industry BME Code of Conduct can also be easily, quickly and cost-effectively recognized by suppliers and potential partners.


  • Hedge compliance risks with the BME Code of Conduct!
  • Get your company involved and join the BME Compliance Initiative at low cost!
  • Invite your suppliers to join the BME initiative!

Your Advantages

  1. Cost reduction
  2. Standardization of acceptable (substantial, like implementable) compliance requirements
  3. Promotion of sustainability through mandatory self-disclosure procedure
  4. Compliance as a quality feature in the selection of business partners
  1. Reduction of auditing efforts
  2. Simplification of mutual recognition of codes of conduct and compliance measures
  3. Reduction of the large number of different supplier codes of conduct
  4. Concentration on cross-industry relevant compliance topics

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